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The Student of the Month Program, is a way to acknowledge and celebrate individual achievement. The Student of the Month helps create a culture of learning that values academic success, as well as elevates awareness of student contributions to the learning environment.

Criteria for Nomination:

A NCI instructor, administrator, adviser, or student may nominate a student for Student of the Month based upon any or all of the following criteria:
•    Outstanding grades
•    Marked improvement in grades
•    Exemplary attendance
•    Cooperation
•    Leadership
•    Overall achievement
•    Consideration to others
•    Academic curiosity
•    Demonstrated compassion and integrity
•    Displays respect and professionalism
•    Other


How do I Nominate a Student?  

Nominations MUST be submitted by clicking the button below labeled "Student of the Month Nomination".   Complete the form indicating which criteria the student exhibited and include a written explanation as to why the student should be selected for the award.

Selection Process

Nominations will be received by the academic adviser.  A committee made up of faculty members will meet roughly two days prior to the announcement to review nominations.  The student of the month will be announced by the first Thursday of the month and will be contacted by the advisor via email.  The student of the month recipient will be celebrated during the month of the announcement.


The student chosen for student of the month will have their name and bio posted on the school’s website, be designated a parking spot for the month, and receive a small gift to acknowledge a job well done.

A few Guidelines

The committee may approach the teachers of the student selected, if disciplinary issues are present, the committee will consider another candidate.  Students will only be able to be selected once per semester.  Nominations will carry over from month to month, nominees not selected will not be disclosed outside the nomination committee.